About Our Studio

We are excited to share our passion for health, wellness, and fitness through the modalities of yoga and group fitness classes that accommodate all levels and body types. We will provide a range of classes and teaching styles, ensuring that existing and new students will find the right style of yoga to suit their individual needs: from stress relief & relaxation to challenging & strength building, and everything in between.

Reasons to Practice Yoga at Our Studio


At Infinity Yoga, we embody what we practice. We have established a thriving community of individuals that come together to encourage, support, uplift, celebrate and strengthen one another. The Infinity Yoga Movement fosters a place where hearts can connect. A place where interaction and relationships develop in personal face-to-face relationships. In community, there is power in union and connection, while also fostering personal growth.

We Are a Safe Space

We hold safe space for you to be your most authentic self. Our studio is place where it doesn’t matter what your personal and professional accomplishments are or are not. In a performance driven world, this is a home where you can set those expectations aside, allowing your mind to soften back into your heart, and creating freedom to reclaim space in your body and mind.

Constructive Instruction

Infinity Yoga is a place of learning, with skilled, credentialed instructors. We are alignment warriors and will help you fit the yoga to your body. This includes techniques and adjustments related to safe physical alignment for each individual student, and an opportunity to be inspired by what your body can do, along with gaining insight from the experience of your teachers and fellow students.

Accountability & Personal Growth

Our community of teachers and fellow students offers accountability and camaraderie in sticking with goals and fostering personal growth. Although we may all take the same class, what we each get from the practice can be incredibly different. The accountability for one another to help stay the course with healthy intentions, be they physical, mental or emotional, can have a powerful effect on both your practice and your life off the mat.

You Belong Here

Positive energy creates more positive energy. From that spark of momentum, we can set the intention to make the changes we each want to see in our lives. Whatever it is that beckons you to explore a yoga practice, you can walk through our doors with confidence, armed with the knowledge that you belong here. We warmly welcome all bodies, all ages, all experience levels and have a special place prepared, just for YOU!

Inspiration. Movement. Transformation.

We live what we practice, and we take this yoga far off our mats. At the heart of the Infinity Yoga Movement is a burning desire to bless each person that walks through our doors, offering a humble contribution to inspire each student to live the most vibrant, joyful life available. Through this inspiration, and through intentional movement, we seek to facilitate a place where positive transformation is not only possible, but inevitable.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We strive to make you feel empowered. We open our doors to all with an open heart and cannot wait to see how we can develop your yoga practice whether you are a seasoned practicer or beginner!

Our Vision

Our Vision

We aim to be the best yoga studio in the South East with as many offerings and varieties as possible.

Our Values

Our Values

Come as you are… and leave the rest at the door.