started practicing yoga over 20 years ago at the encouragement of family and friends.  I’ve always liked working out and challenging my body, which was definitely my initial draw to the practice.  Over the years my practice would fall to the side as I involved myself in other forms of exercise, but always, I’d be drawn back to yoga and what it offered my body and mind. Several years ago, after numerous running injuries, I began to deepen my yoga practice and commitment, eventually giving up other forms of exercise.  I soon noticed my injuries healing and my mind calming.  I also noticed I was taking some of that calmness off my mat and into my life.

I was inspired to begin teaching by those who taught me. Their influence and guidance sparked a desire in me to help others understand how to move their bodies in a yoga practice; and, hopefully, to take the lessons they learn on their mats into their daily lives.  I feel inspired in both my personal practice and my teaching by instructors, students, and the practice itself showing what the human body is capable of.


More about me:  I am happily married and the mother to two wonderful children.  I have a degree in physical therapy and worked primarily in outpatient orthopedics, but at this time have chosen to stay home as I raise our children.  I enjoy reading, consider myself a bit of an artist, and can often be found working on home improvement projects.

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