My yoga practice started in 2015… when I walked into this studio and went to a heated power flow class. I was instantly hooked and couldn’t wait to do more. Prior to that, I thought yoga was not for me. It seemed liked a bunch of stretching and laying around and I liked working out.
I started a yoga practice almost daily since that first power class. I quickly discovered that there was so much I couldn’t do – and that really intrigued me to push myself. I have come to love my yoga practice, even the stretching and laying around. I find time on my mat everyday, even if it’s only 10 minutes because it has helped me in all aspects of my life.


I am happily married with three children who all love to yoga with me! I decided to start teaching yoga because I love it so much and have always enjoyed teaching others. Yoga is a gift that I love to share. I love teaching, but I will forever be a student.

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