I found yoga after becoming ill from fibromyalgia. My improvement from practicing yoga has exceeded my expectations. After practicing for a couple of years, and seeing improvement, it was recommended by my Rheumatologist that I pursue yoga teacher training and offer help to others. I was skeptical that I could commit to this as I was still experiencing a good deal of physical pain and fatigue. I began to pray about if this was something that I could pursue. A year later I began a nine month 200 hour hatha yoga training . I’m happy to say that I was able to complete it! I discovered Yin, Restorative and so many other forms of yoga practice, learning that there is a form of yoga to compensate every body and age.

Not long after completing my 200 Hour certification I discovered that practicing yoga in a heated environment was very beneficial to combat the pain that I experienced from fibromyalgia. After taking my first heated class I was amazed at the relief that I felt.  Thus began my desire to pursue my Barkan Method I completed my 300 hours of additional training which allowed me to become a 500 hour certified teacher,. I am beyond grateful!

My motto has always been TRY! Just don’t give up and if you put forth the effort you may be pleasantly surprised as I have been. I am currently symptom free from fibromyalgia with the exception of a minor pain or fatigue from time to time. I am able to do pretty much anything that I desire, physically. I give the credit to my God. Also, my supportive spouse, who supports me in all my goals and dreams. He took me to my first yoga class, when I was unable to function very well. He has done so much more throughout the past 14 years, of our marriage and the 10 years that I was  ill.

My desire as an instructor is to help others find the yoga practice that helps them pursue their goals. Some want to achieve more stamina and flexibility. Some to build strength. Some to find relaxation. While for others it is to find a way to battle illness. But my heart is still very much toward those who are battling illness and are searching for a way to combat the effects. I can relate to those who aren’t able to do even the simplest postures, due to their body experiencing a great deal of pain. I want to help them find a way through yoga to a better lifestyle. I believe by sharing my personal story of where I was in my first class and the gift of being where I am today, it can offer hope and give them motivation to try.

I have attended other workshops since I originally became certified in 2011: Aerial Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Anatomy, Arm Balances and Inversions.

I believe I will always be a student: always learning.

I enjoy leading Partner Yoga Workshops, Hot Yoga Workshops, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga and Breath & Meditation workshops & classes.

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